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Return Policy

Ace Water Purification  Return Policy

A product may be returned within the return period listed for each manufacturer below, except for special or custom orders. All return shipping fees are the customer's responsibility unless the return is due to our error or manufactures defect. Shipping fees are not refundable.

The Satisfaction/Moneyback Guarantee and Performance Guarantee do not apply to commercial or custom built systems/filters. Manufacturers warranties do apply.

All performance or product expectations are done verbally or in writing with the customer and do not exceed the manufacturers system specs.

Special Note for Whole House Systems: New test results may be required on raw and treated water for all water before a return is authorized and allowed for any whole house system being returned . If a system is purchased on water with unknown contaminates or is installed on water with contaminates that could harm the system or for which the system is not designed to handle, your warranty may be void and no return will be accepted. It is recommended Order Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your order for any item provided that the order has not yet entered the shipping process. If the item you want to cancel has already entered the shipping process, it cannot be canceled by you or by our customer service department. However, you can return the item for a refund.

Refused Shipments


If an item is refused upon delivery at no fault of Ace Water Purification, the customer will be charged a 10% restock fee. Ace Water Purification can not be liable for the shipping charges if the item is refused before delivery.

Freight packages that are refused will be charged a 15% restock in addition to freight charges both ways.

Damage Claims

All damage claims on deliveries must be made with 15 days of arrival to customers home Responsibilities and Limitation Ace Water Purification representatives will recommend an overall water filtration, treatment, and/or conditioning system solution based upon all the information we receive via email, fax and verbally by the customer. Ace Water Purification can not be responsible for a recommended solution that falls short resulting from lack of information about other conditions that exist in the water.

Purchasers are advised that water quality conditions vary by area. Product performance may be affected by these variables, and for optimum performance purchasers should verify prior to ordering that their local water quality falls within Ace Water Purifications recommended specifications. Our representatives base all product recommendations on information provided by our customers; if other conditions (i.e. water, installation space, power, water pressure, etc.) exist which were not prior disclosed, then additional/other products may be required to make the overall solution successful. However, as always, we are committed to working with the customer to help remedy any troubled solution by providing the customer with the most effective and affordable solutions available. 

Ace Water Purification may not be financially responsible for any service, 100% satisfaction guarantee or warranties that has resulted from improper application, poor handling, neglectful damage, set-up, installation, start-up procedure and/or lack of thorough follow through of installation procedures found on or with the unit and in any service guides, product manuals and/or related website pages. 
Ace Water Purification recommends that well water be tested prior to purchasing by us or certified water treatment dealer.